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Faster than a speeding rabbit! More powerful than a human holding a leash! Able to chew through a toy in a single chop!

It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!

It’s Destructo-Dog!

Does your dog work for a newspaper and wear glasses during the day then turn into the chewer of all things rubber when you aren’t around?

THEN YOU NEED THESE TOYS! (Sorry for shouting, but you really need these toys.)

Bionic toys are designed for indestructibility.

Now, we all know that no toy will ever be indestructible; however, this line sure does make a durable toy. In fact, Andy and AdreAnne were drawn to the toys when they saw the makers throwing them in a blender at the last trade show they attended.

Yes, a blender.

Bionic Rubber is made from FDA food-grade materials that is 100% recyclable, which you KNOW we love here at Two Bostons AND it’s dishwasher safe! You can’t get much better than that!

We carry four Bionic Toys for your Destructo-Dog.


The Bionic Bone. This great bone is made to fit the shape of your dog’s mouth and the ridges give your dog the feeling that he is chewing through the bone. It also has an open center that you can stuff with treats. And it floats…making it a great outdoor toy for summer fun!

The Bionic Stuffer. This excellent stuffer has different size openings for treats. It allows you feed your dog’s need to chew and indulge in some treats in the process. The different size openings allow you to decide how easy it will be for your dog to get at the treats. It’s the perfect toy to keep your chewer happy for hours.

The Bionic Toss N Tug. This awesome toy can be used as a tossing toy or for a quick game of tug of war. It floats, so it’s great for water play time. It is orange, so it’s easy to see. It’s flexible, so your dog has many options when picking it up.

The Bionic Ball. This ball is the same size as a tennis ball and you HAVE to see it bounce! Your dog will never know where it’s going to land next! Like the other Bionic toys, it floats and this one can be stuffed with treats too.

Check them out next time you’re at either of our stores!








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