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Hey all!  Heather here!  I’m here today to tell you about Charki-O’s and Charki Puffs. If there’s a top treat on my girls’ taste buds it would be the Charki-O’s!

Charki-what?!? No, I didn’t just say a bad word to you…you want to know what’s with the weird name? Charki comes from the 16th century Quechuan language of the Incas meaning “dried meat.”  It’s the first known word for the jerky. True story.

So what is it about this treat that makes my girls go wild? Well, Charki-O’s are made from Beef Trachea and Beef Liver and the Charki Puff is made from Beef Lung and Beef Liver. That is it. No additives. No fillers. No messing around. You know that commercial where the guy yells about Slim Jims? Well, that guy is screaming in your dog’s head every time you open the bag of Charki-O’s and Charki Puffs.

And, if that weren’t cool enough, as an added bonus, they’re both made in the USA (even the bag is made in the USA) and my girls LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

I especially like to give a Charki-O to the girls whenever I’m leaving the house because it takes them just a little longer to eat them, as they are a trachea, but I don’t have to worry about monitoring them to make sure they don’t swallow a big piece!

Warning : This high protein, low fat, delicious treat is highly addictive! 

You’ve been warned, once your pooch goes Charki, they never go back!

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